Hi Everyone!

Hope you have had a great festive holiday and new-years celebration! =)

King's College London Tech Society and King's College London Business Club have kindly invited CompSoc and it's members to attend a Hackathon that they are going to be running in cooperation with Codecademy.

Students representing different societies from the best UK universities will be competing over 24 hours for various rewards, which include exclusive recruitment networking invitations, cash prizes and internship opportunities at our partner, Codecademy. See www.hackkings.org for further information.

The event has limited places, so if you are interested, I suggest you sign up ASAP! This looks like it is going to be an extraordinary event, and a great opportunity to meet people from other techy societies and to have good fun.

The event is free to attend, but the organisers have said we will need to find our own way there. If there is enough interest from CompSoc members, and enough sign up, we may be able to arrange something with regards to travel. We'll announce anything regarding this when we can.

Please drop us a line if you sign up to this so we can keep a list of who is attending.

Hope to see many of you there!


Kind Regards,

Sam Lanning
President - Oxford University Computer Society