Hi All,
It’s that time of the week again: the time of the week for a CompSoc email!
This week, contrary to our printed termcard, we will be running a Team Fortress 2 night. It’d be great if you could let us know (through email or FB or…) if you plan on attending so that we can ensure we have adequate power splitters and jaffa cakes. There will also be free pizza.
Read more below to find out about this event and this week's technology challenge (which is open to anyone, but only members can win prizes) - as well as last week’s solution.
Ben and Alex
CompSoc Co-Presidents
                      The Oxford Computer Society
Team Fortress 2 Night:
Wednesday 16, 19.00 PDR, St Catherine’s College
Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=191280997621191
This event is only open to members. If you're interested in joining please see http://compsoc.net/join/ - you can sign up at the event. (only 5 life or 3 year)
We will be running a Team Fortress 2 night in St Catz PDR. There will be free pizza and jaffa cakes!
If you plan on attending you will need to bring a laptop with Team Fortress 2 installed and up to date - please don't try and download it in Catz as it will be really slow :-( You will also need a LAN cable and probably a power supply for your laptop.
Team Fortress 2 can be downloaded, installed and played for free http://store.steampowered.com/app/440 (you'll need to install Steam, which is also free). If there are any other games you'd like to play (and think others will have) bring them along and we might play them too! (here's hoping for Minecraft... :-p )
Here is a handy map for finding Catz: http://g.co/maps/eeut2
And here is another one for finding the PDR: http://compsoc.dartoxia.com/map.png
If you get truly lost in Catz, you can call Ben on 0754 999 3401. Someone should be at the lodge to show you where to go between 1900 and 1915.
Technology Competition:
Challenge 6:
This week's challenge is to solve the following problem:
The above are dominoes which have strings as values. You have infinitely many of each of them, and for some reason want to arrange them such that:
You aren’t allowed to break the dominoes up to make new dominoes. If you don’t know what a palindrome is, it is a sequence which when read backwards is the same as reading it forwards (for example hgghhghhggh)
Once you have found an arrangement of the tiles satisfying the above condition go to http://compsoc.dartoxia.com/answer/<STRING OF a’s AND b’s><STRING OF x’s AND y’s>
Anyone (with a .ox.ac.uk email address) can sign up to the competition through the http://compsoc.dartoxia.com website, but only members can receive prizes.
Compsoc.dartoxia.com isn't connected to the compsoc network, and so you will need to make a new account to participate.
For more details about the competition  - or if you think something has gone wrong - see http://compsoc.net/technology_competition or contact committee@ox.compsoc.net
Technology Competition:
Challenge 5 Result:
Congratulations to Dominic Hargreaves (our senior member) who solved the problem quickest. He has kindly offered to pass the prize on to the next quickest participant though, so further congratulations to Sam Lanning. We will get in contact separately to arrange your prize.
The challenge last week was to find the cumulative filesize of all the files in http://garbage.dartoxia.com/s/. The correct answer was 945238 (Bytes). In case you are interested, a sample crawler for solving this challenge can be found at http://garbage.dartoxia.com/crawl.txt.
Also worth a mention, congratulations Alaric Stephen for counting each file by hand – a most productive use of your time…
Our current membership rates are 5 for life and 3 for a year. Being a member entitles you to free socials, prizes in the technology competition and you can attend (obviously) members only events - such as the upcoming Bank of America dinner. You will also receive a CompSoc membership card!
Membership forms can be downloaded from http://compsoc.net/forms/Compsoc_Membership_Application.pdf - please return them completed and money to a committee member.
CompSoc jobs mailing list:
The society receives a number of advertisements each week from companies and individuals interested in employing our members. The jobs range from graduate positions, to a bit of help with another societies website.
If you would like to receive these emails just email compsoc-jobs-request@lists.ox.compsoc.net with 'subscribe' in the subject line.