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Second thing is Events!

This week we have the legendary Jon Skeet ( http://stackoverflow.com/users/22656/jon-skeet, person with the most reputation in ALL of Stack Overflow, and author of C# in depth) from Google coming to give a talk about what it's like to work there.

We also have our first Learn to Code event, all details below.

We look forward to seeing you at our events, if you are interested in becoming a member, bring £5 with you to the events and we will have membership signup sheets! =)

This Week's Events:

Google: Engineering at Google: it's a little different

Date: Wednesday Week 1 - 16 October 2013 Time: 06:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Lecture Theatre A - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Google Corporate Sponsor Event Talk


Being an engineer at Google is a fantastic experience. Most people know about some of our perks such as free food and fabulous offices - but what's the work like? How does it compare with other environments? I've been at Google for just over five years, with about ten years of industry experience before that, so I've seen a bit of both sides. In this talk I'll try to address four questions:


Jon Skeet is a Senior Software Engineer in Google's London office, where he's worked on Mobile Sync, Mobile Notifications, Windows Phone 7 Google Search App, and Google Offers. Beyond Google, he's better known for his is involvement in the C# community and particularly the Stack Overflow Q&A site. Jon has a maths degree and a diploma in computer science from "the other place."

Learn to Code: Session 1

Date: Saturday Week 1 - 19 October 2013 Time: 05:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Undergraduate Social Area - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Committee Speaker Talk Learn to Code

This is the first event in our Learn to Code series!

Note: Remember to bring your laptop to these events!

About Learn to Code

During these events, there will be a mixture of interactive workshops and talks. We will be teaching you the basics of programming using Python. These events are good if you have zero coding experience, but they are also valuable if you already have started coding and would like to better your skills. We also welcome people who already have good coding experience as the more volunteers the better!

These events are always followed by our weekly Geek Night.

You can find out more information about this series of events over at ox.compsoc.net/learn

We also have a facebook group for discussion if you are taking part in this course: fb.com/groups/OXLearnToCode

...and a group for those who would like to volunteer: fb.com/groups/OXLearnToCodeHelpers

Geek Night 1

Date: Saturday Week 1 - 19 October 2013 Time: 07:00 PMTags: Geek Night


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President - Oxford University Computer Society