Hello Everyone!

There's a lot to cover in this newsletter, so I'll get straight into it!


last week we had our Annual General Meeting, which saw our new 2013-2014 executive committee be elected. So now I would like to warmly welcome:

President, Joe Fowler (2nd Year CompSci)
Secretary, Maria Matescu (1st Year CompSci)
Treasurer, William Juan (3rd Year Maths & CompSci)

The new executive committee will begin taking the reigns over the coming weeks and the easter holiday. At their discretion they will be able to fill other committee roles later on, so if you are interested in other committee positions, you know who to ask!


Saturday saw our second annual paintballing match vs. Cambridge. There were 6 rounds, and every single one was a draw! A definite improvement of the completely unbalanced rounds of last year, but still lots of room for improvement! Hopefully, if the trend continues, next year we'll be able to completely pwn them! ;-)


There are a couple of external events going on this week that you may be interested in:

Come along to Oxford e-Research Centre for a student forum about women in IT hosted by Teresa H. Carlson, VP Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services and Erika Erdos, Head of Public Sector Europe, Middle East and Africa with Amazon Web Services.

The objective of the event is to give you a chance to:meet Teresa and Erika while they are in Oxford; talk about women in IT and the barriers they face; discuss the diversity agenda that so much of the IT industry is struggling to address.

Monday 03 March 2014, 10:45-11:45, OERC conference room (room 278). All welcome.


Come along to Oxford Entrepreneurs' flagship weekend conference on the 8th-9th of March at the distinguished Said Business School. As well as the main conference, there will be themed networking dinners and a debate at the Oxford Union on 9th March at 8.00 PM



And here are the official CompSoc events going on this week! We have palantir giving a talk on wednesday, they will be providing some insight into their company and a key bit of their software, it's not one to miss! In addition, metaswitch will be joining us at geek night for a casual chat.

All details below:

Palantir Talk - Raven

Date: Wednesday Week 7 - 05 March 2014 Time: 07:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Lecture Theatre A - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Sponsor Event Talk Palantir

Palantir engineers will present on Raven, their high-performance mapping service. The talk aims to shed light on the problems Palantir solves with real-world examples, while digging into the back-end tech behind it.

Learn to Code: Session 7

Date: Saturday Week 7 - 08 March 2014 Time: 05:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Room 379 - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Learn to Code

Note: Remember to bring your laptop to these events!

About Learn to Code

During these events, there will be a mixture of interactive workshops and talks. We will be teaching you the basics of programming using Python. These events are good if you have zero coding experience, but they are also valuable if you already have started coding and would like to better your skills. We also welcome people who already have good coding experience as the more volunteers the better!

These events are always followed by our weekly Geek Night.

You can find out more information about this series of events over at ox.compsoc.net/learn

We also have a facebook group for discussion if you are taking part in this course: fb.com/groups/OXLearnToCode

...and a group for those who would like to volunteer: fb.com/groups/OXLearnToCodeHelpers

Geek Night 7 - With Metaswitch

Date: Saturday Week 7 - 08 March 2014 Time: 07:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Undergraduate Social Area - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Geek Night

Reps from our sponsor Metaswitch Networks will be taking part in this week's Geek Night with us to chat about the company and tech in the UK in general.

Be sure to pop by and say hi!

See you later this week!


Kind Regards,

Sam Lanning
President - Oxford University Computer Society