Hi guys,


As I’m sure you remember, tonight is the CompSoc DVD night. Details are copied below. We’ll be in the Bernard Sunley Room A at 7pm (see the map in details below).


The poll proved inconclusive/corrupt, so I have rented Tron Legacy and Blade Runner – we will decide based on who turns up. As usual, there will be pizza and snacks and stuff.


I look forward to seeing you there,





Please note that on our printed termcard the venue is incorrect.


CompSoc DVD night (film TBD). There will be pizza, popcorn and soft drinks! The perfect solution to those mythical 5th week blues. I’m pretty sure there is a whiteboard in that room too, so lively computer science discussion will undoubtedly follow.


To help us decide which film to watch please vote at http://compsoc.dartoxia.com/poll.php (no log in required, just unique IP). If none of the films in the list take your fancy, you can write in a preferred film. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_about_computers seems to capture the theme we are going for pretty well. You can’t cancel your vote, so chose wisely.

We will be watching BladeRunner or Tron Legacy.


If you are unable to vote because of college NAT or some other witchcraft, and are unable to vote by other means feel free to send an email with your choice to president@ox.compsoc.net.


Here is a handy map for finding Catz: http://g.co/maps/eeut2

And here is another one for finding Bernard Sunley Room A: http://compsoc.dartoxia.com/map2.png (room A is on the first floor)


If you get truly lost in Catz, you can call Ben on 0754 999 3401.


FB Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/334539779924694/