Hello All,

Our Tech Talk this week will feature Edmund Pringle from Metaswitch will be discussing trust in programming in "Can you afford to trust your tools? An undetectable hack (and how to detect it)". Let us know if you plan to attend on our Facebook Event. Food will be provided after the talk.

Learn to Code continues on Thursday after a very successful launch last week. Due to the huge level of interest we had to turn many people away, so we will be running two lessons this week; the main course continuing from where we left off last week, and a repeat of last weeks lesson for those who could not attend. For the main course priority will be given to those who attended last week, but at 19:30 any available spaces will be open to all.

Geek Night will be on Saturday. Join us for games, coding, and pizza.

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The CompSoc committee


Tech Talk with on Trust with Metaswitch

Lecture Theatre A - 7:00pm Wednesday (3rd week)

Edmund Pringle will be joining us from Metaswitch:

Can you afford to trust your tools? An undetectable hack (and how to detect it).

The goal of this talk is to get you thinking a bit more about what trust assumptions you’re making when you’re creating software. I’ll cover a classic and elegant example of abusing those assumptions, and cover briefly what you can (and can’t) reasonably do to protect yourself. Then we’ll eat pizza and forget about it all while I pass around a USB stick with the presentation on it. Just the presentation. Nothing else. Honest. You can trust me, right?

Learn To Code 2

Department of Computer Science - 7:30pm Thursday (3rd week)

In Session 2, we will be covering various aspects of flow control, starting with decision-making and simple loops.

Those who attended Session 1 will be in the same rooms and groups as previously.

For those who couldn't get in last week, good news! We have acquired enough extra helpers to be able to operate an extra room, which will be covering last week's material. However, there will be no facility to use the department's computers in this class - please bring your own laptop if you can, or find someone to share with.

We will open the doors at 7pm, for a prompt 7:30pm start. In the unlikely event that we still don't have enough space for everyone who wants to attend, we may still have to shut the doors, but hopefully the extra room should be enough.

(The material from last week's session will be posted soon.)

Geek Night 3

Undergraduate Social Area - 7:00pm Saturday (3rd week)

Our fourth Geek Night of 2016, with our usual selection of food, drinks, games, chatting and coding. We would love to see some new faces, so please do feel free to come along. Open to all members and anyone interested in joining.

Tech Talk with on "Will SkyNet win?" with Metaswitch

Lecture Theatre A - 7:00pm Wednesday (4th week)

Simon Chatterjee will be joining us from Ensoft:

Will Skynet win? Five ways computers write software better than you.

The Internet is arguably the most complex machine invented so far on the planet, and it's made of software. This is now pushing the limits of how human beings can create and test code, but recent advances mean the machines are remarkably starting to rise up and take on the challenge. I'll talk about what's happening, why it's awesome, and what it means for your future career.

AGM & Committee Elections

Undergraduate Social Area - 7:00pm Wednesday (6th week)

We require 20 voters to meet quorum, so please do nominate a proxy if you cannot attend. At our annual general meeting we will be electing our new executive committee for the next year. The positions up for election are:

If you have any questions about these positions, and would like to discuss them with the current committee email us at committee@ox.compsoc.net or talk to us in person at any event this term.

Important: Voting

Anyone is welcome to attend, but only CompSoc voters may cast their vote on motions or run for positions. If you are not yet a member register this term to have your say on the future of the society. If you are unable to attend in person you may nominate another member who is then able to vote on your behalf. If you wish to do this please email us at committee@ox.compsoc.net.

The Oxford University Computing Society (CompSoc) aims to organise meetings and events for our members to use and further their computing interests. See all of our upcoming events on our Facebook Page or visit our Website for more information about the society.

Matthew Burke
Secretary - Oxford University Computer Society