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This newsletter is a little later than usual because there were a few things which needed to be sorted out beforehand, sorry about that.

Before we dive into events, the CompSoc website now has an ICS calendar file you can import into your calendar software to have all of our events automatically appear: http://ox.compsoc.net/events.ics Whenever we change details on our website, this file will also change, and hopefully the change should be reflected in your calendar software too!

This week we have one of our sponsors G Research holding a coding competition, it will be on Wednesday evening, and as usual pizza and refreshments will be included.

We also have the second Learn to Code with OE event that will be held on Sunday 3rd November, the details are yet to be added to the website, the above calendar file and facebook, but will be in due course.

Here are the full gory details of all the events excluding the OE one, see you later this week!

G-Research Competition

Date: Wednesday Week 3 - 30 October 2013 Time: 06:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Undergraduate Social Area - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Competition Corporate G-Research Sponsor Event

Algorithmic Trading challenge: Can your code beat the markets?

Test your coding skills trading fake money and win real prizes. G-Research has developed a simulated stock exchange where you can trade your strategies in competition with other teams. Whose will make the most money by the end of the session?

You'll be split into teams, given a brief overview of the system and then have 60 minutes to write your code (in C# - syntax help available) to trade on our simulated exchange. After that development time, your code will run in competition with the other teams and the team which makes the most money will win a £20 Amazon gift voucher for each member.

Please join us on Wednesday 30th October in The Undergraduate Social Area, at The Department of Computer Science at 6pm. The session will be followed by pizza and refreshments. We will have some of our software developers on hand to answers questions.

Sign-up is required. To sign up, fill out this online form ASAP; there is a limit of 40 spots, and members will be given priority.

Learn to Code: Session 3

Date: Saturday Week 3 - 02 November 2013 Time: 05:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Room 379 - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Learn to Code

Note: Remember to bring your laptop to these events!

About Learn to Code

During these events, there will be a mixture of interactive workshops and talks. We will be teaching you the basics of programming using Python. These events are good if you have zero coding experience, but they are also valuable if you already have started coding and would like to better your skills. We also welcome people who already have good coding experience as the more volunteers the better!

These events are always followed by our weekly Geek Night.

You can find out more information about this series of events over at ox.compsoc.net/learn

We also have a facebook group for discussion if you are taking part in this course: fb.com/groups/OXLearnToCode

...and a group for those who would like to volunteer: fb.com/groups/OXLearnToCodeHelpers

Geek Night 3

Date: Saturday Week 3 - 02 November 2013 Time: 07:00 PM  Facebook EventPlace: Undergraduate Social Area - Dept. of Computer ScienceTags: Geek Night


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