Good Morning All,


This is the final weekly CompSoc email you will receive from me, how exciting. This is also (probably) the first Oxford University CompSoc email you have received – that’s right, we are now allowed to affiliate ourselves with the university.


This week we will be having a LAN games night, it is very, very likely that we will be playing Team Fortress 2 for all of it (it is free to play). Anyone is welcome to come along, but let us know through the facebook event or email so that we have an idea of how many power splitters, switches, jaffa cakes etc. will be needed. There will be free pizza, and quite possibly hats.


Read more below for more information about this event, the result of the final technology challenge and some other notices.


Have a good one,


Ben and Alex

CompSoc Co-Presidents


The Oxford University Computer Society


Team Fortress 2 Night:

Wednesday 07, 19.00 , St Catz Arumugan Building (lodge) First Floor Meadow Facing

FB Event:


We will be running a Team Fortress 2 night (or perhaps other games - make a suggestion!) in St Catz lodge 1st floor. There will be free pizza, jaffa cakes and hats!


If you plan on attending you will need to bring a laptop with Team Fortress 2 installed and up to date - please don't try and download it in Catz as it will be really slow :-(

You will also need a LAN cable and probably a power supply for your laptop.


Team Fortress 2 can be downloaded, installed and played for free here (you'll need to install Steam, which is also free). It is also possible to install TF2 from another computer with it already installed on, we will probably be able to facilitate this but should stress that it is a much better idea to make sure it is installed and up to date beforehand. If there are any other games you'd like to play (and think others will have) bring them along and we might play them too! (here's hoping for Minecraft... :-p )


Here is a handy map for finding Catz:


The Arumugan building is the fancy name of the lodge, we will be in the room just to the left after you go up the stairs.


If you get truly lost in Catz, you can call Ben on 0754 999 3401.




If there is anyone interested in working on a startup project please see below:


My names Josh Henderson I am a third year Property Surveying student at Oxford Brookes university.


My venture is involved with a connection between two devices, an ipad or iphone to a sky box or virgin media box. The connection would be from the digital box to send a signal to the ipad or iphone and upload a specified website. 


If there was an individual who could provide this connection I would offer them 40% equity in the business as a whole and provide funds for all costs involved with the project.




Technology Competition:

Week 7 result:


No one solved the challenge! Although Peter Gerrard and Jonathan Tuckwell both brute forced it. Since they both got correct results in about the same time, they will each receive 10 of the 20 prize.




CompSoc Jobs Mailing list


The society receives a number of advertisements each week from companies and individuals interested in employing our members. The jobs range from graduate positions, to a bit of help with another societies website.


If you would like to receive these emails just email with 'subscribe' in the subject line.




A message from one of our sponsors, Deloitte, follows.


How can you use technology to launch your career?

By choosing a firm whose clients depend on it



Technology Consulting: Explore the Possibilities – Thursday 8th March 2012 @ 8.00pm

Want a career that enables you to combine outstanding business understanding with deep technical experience? Looking for a way to combine your interests in Technology with a career in Business? Come and speak to Technology Consultants and ‘Explore the Possibilities’ to find out why Deloitte is a great place to start your career.

Come along and ‘Explore the Possibilities’ on Thursday 8th March (8th Week), 8pm, at the ARCO Building, Keble College, Oxford, OX1 3PG.

We’ll start the event with a short presentation followed by an opportunity to talk to Deloitte Consultants over a few drinks. What is the application process like? What training will you receive? What kind of skills will you learn from some of the foremost experts in their field? How will Deloitte help develop your career? Get the answers direct from the people who know. People who’ve been in your shoes.

For further information and to register for this event please visit the event page: