Hi all,

Coming up this week, we have a coding pub quiz with TPP at the Mitre. It'll be a fun evening of problem solving with free food and drink and the chance to win great prizes! Form your teams and we'll see you there!

On a week Saturday, Microsoft are running a challenge to write a simple platforming game AI. They're also recruiting Microsoft Student Partners and offering $100 credit for Microsoft Azure.

Don't forget to buy CompSoc stash! The subsidised rate (£5 for t-shirts, £10 for hoodies) runs until Sunday next week.

Have a great week,

Edward and the rest of the committee


Geek Night 2

19:00, Saturday 2nd Week – UGSA, Department of Computer Science

Bring your laptop for the usual evening of fun, food and drink.

TPP Coding Challenge Pub Quiz

19:00, Wednesday 3rd Week – The Mitre, 17 High Street, OX1 4AG

TPP is excited to announce a Coding Challenge on Wednesday 9th May, in collaboration with CompSoc!

Unlike a typical pub quiz, you'll need to exercise your problem solving skills to tackle the range of challenges set instead of applying your general knowledge. Don't forget a laptop either!

There will be free food and drinks, both soft and alcoholic, available for attendees throughout the whole event. There will also be great prizes on offer for the winning teams (Raspberry Pi computers and a Hotel Chocolat hamper).

We recommend teams of about 5–6 people, but smaller groups are welcome too, and if you're unsure who to come with then we'll be happy to match you up with other keen problem solvers on the day. Some questions require specific knowledge so you will want a programmer on your team!

Entry is free of charge and doesn’t require a ticket, so feel free to just show up on the day!

About TPP

TPP is a UK-based IT company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software through our innovative products. Our philosophy is to join up healthcare based on a shared electronic medical record, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their care. We are known for our outstanding achievements in the UK, providing electronic patient records on a single instance database for over 40 million patients.

After 20 years of success in the UK, TPP is now expanding their offering to deliver connected care to new markets in China and the Middle East. We’re currently hiring for six different graduate roles and for our 2018 summer intern programme. We’re looking for the brightest minds from the UK’s top universities who have a passion for problem solving.

Geek Night 3

19:00, Saturday 3rd Week – UGSA, Department of Computer Science

Bring your laptop for the usual evening of fun, food and drink.

Other events

Microsoft Cognitive Challenge!

18:00–22:00, Saturday 3rd Week – Mathematical Institute

The third instalment in the mini-hack series, Microsoft and AI Gaming have joined forces for the Microsoft Cognitive Challenge!

Challenge: Use your Python coding skills to create the best performing game playing bot! (Beginner to advanced coders welcome)

Compete against your friends and the AI Gaming Housebot to win Microsoft goodies!

Free Pizza and Cookies!

Sponsor notices

Become a Microsoft Student Partner today!

If you are considering a technical career at Microsoft, the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) programme is for you! Get a head start over the competition and join the growing number of student ambassadors who partner with Microsoft to run hacks, tech talks and other technology focused events on campus. We will be looking out for outstanding MSPs to join our global team.

Reasons to be an MSP:

This opportunity is exclusively available to technical students at Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial. We have between 10–20 MSPs at each University who work together to organise events on topics they are passionate about... All with technical speakers, promotional goodies and pizza provided by Microsoft.

If you are ready to join the team send us your CV. We will then invite you to a 40–60 minute Skype interview to understand more about you, your passions, as well as your motivations for applying. The programme will start in October 2018, with a trip to our Microsoft UK HQ to meet the team, your MSP peers and to start training!

To apply, send your CV here.

$100 credit for Microsoft Azure

Start building your future with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services! No credit card needed, simply verify your student status through your university email address, and you’re ready to go.

Access 25+ free products and explore virtual machines, artificial intelligence (AI), databases and more.

$100 in free credit. Use your credits with any Azure product to build a class project or a hackathon.

Register now at http://aka.ms/Azure4students.

Other notices

Artificial Intelligence Impact Weekend

Concerned by the question of fake news and how it may be (mis)shaping our world view? Want to learn more about artificial intelligence as a potential force for global good, get some new skills, and win some awesome prizes?

Then you should definitely sign up for this weekend of exciting events for students at the Oxford Foundry, delivered in collaboration with EY, including skills workshops and creative solution building with some awesome prizes to be won! A series of events, starting on 4th May with a happy hour and team formation, running through the weekend of May 5–6, and ending up with a pitch night/prize-giving and party on May 8th.

Open to all students – no previous knowledge of AI or related technologies required.

Find out more and register here.

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Edward Hart
President - Oxford University Computer Society