Hey everyone,

Our next social event this term is Board Game Night! Join us on Discord for some virtual board and/or card games! We also have a tech talk from Cisco this Wednesday titled “Have Your Robots Call My Robots”, see below for more details. Learn to Code also continues this week on Thursday, whether you’re keen to learn programming or have experience and want to help others learn, it’s a great opportunity! We’ve also got messages from the Oxford University Careers Service and Cisco this week, see below to check them out.

In week 7 this term, we’ll be having our AGM. Most importantly, this includes elections for the 2021-2022 committee. It’s a great opportunity and well worth your consideration if you’re interested in running for a position. More info to come, so stay tuned!

If you aren’t already on the CompSoc Discord, you can join it here to take part in social events and keep in touch with other members.

- Matthew and the rest of the committee


Board Game Night

19:00, Saturday, Week 3, Discord

Do you enjoy board games? If so, then come and join us this Saturday for board games night! We’ll have a variety of board games to play online, as well as some fun party games for anyone interested. See you there!

Cisco Tech Talk - Have Your Robots Call My Robots

19:00, Wednesday, Week 3

Creating a better, cheaper Internet for all depends on network operations moving away from humans to software automatons.

This raises technical challenges, where techniques originating in automated theorem proving are highly practical.

This is an accessible talk, that won’t assume deep knowledge of either networking or formal methods.

You click here to join!

Learn To Code

19:00, Thursday, Week 3, Zoom

Learn to code! If you want to learn how to write code or refresh your knowledge, this course will teach introductory programming in the Python language with no prior experience necessary. Programming is a useful skill in a range of subjects and having some knowledge of it is a great way to improve your CV. Alternatively, if you’re already a CS student and would like to volunteer to help teach others some introductory Python, please contact the committee (replying to this email is fine) and we’ll get you connected!

Oxford University Careers Service

Global Internships now available as part of the Summer Internship Programme 2021!

The Summer Internship Programme 2021 is open for applications!

The first batch of international opportunities is now live, featuring more than 150 summer internships in a wide range of sectors, taking place in over 20 countries.

Browse and navigate the list of internships in the COMPUTER SCIENCE, TECH: IT & MACHINE LEARNING SECTOR and our full list of international internships by sector.

Internships can take place remotely or in-person at the employer’s premises. These arrangements are considered carefully according to the circumstances surrounding each placement. The Internship Office works closely with employers and students to ensure that Covid-19 safety measures are adhered to for each internship.

Students can apply for up to 3 international internships with a one-page CV and a 600-word personal via CareerConnect by Monday, 15 February.

Featured summer internship:

TNG, a Technology Consulting company based in Germany, is offering 10 internships of 8 weeks in Software Development.

If you possess good IT skills and have an analytical mindset, this opportunity might be for you.

Apply now on CareerConnect: https://oxford.targetconnect.net/leap/jobs.html?id=100877&service=Careers+Service

Deadline: 15 February

Looking for guidance with your application?

The Internship Office offers weekly ‘Summer Internship Application Support Sessions’ which can be booked through CareerConnect in the ‘Appointments’ section. During these sessions, a member of the Internship Office will provide advice on how to write a winning CV and personal statement. Stay up to date with our internship programmes by signing up to the Internship Office email alerts and visiting the Internship Office Facebook page. For any questions, please email internships@careers.ox.ac.uk.


Europe Regional Datathon

About the Event:

Hosted by Citadel LLC and Citadel Securities in partnership with Correlation One, we’re inviting Oxford students to compete virtually at Europe Regional Datathon this February!

The Data Open challenges students from the world’s best universities to tackle real-world social challenges in topics such as urban traffic, renewable energy, and education. Europe Regional Datathon is an international data science competition, even bigger and more exciting than our university-wide events!

Taking place between February 15 - 22, teams will have a week to work on their submissions, with the flexibility to showcase their skills on their own schedule. Top performing students have the opportunity to win $25,000 in cash prizes, exclusive recruiting opportunities with Citadel, and global recognition.

When: February 15 - 22

Where: Virtual

Prizes: $25,000 + Exclusive recruiting opportunities with Citadel LLC and Citadel Securities

Here’s the link to sign up!

Admissions are made on a rolling basis, so I encourage you to apply now! If you have any questions or want to learn more about the event, contact mert@correlation-one.com.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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