Hi Everybody!

This week there will be a games night! I suggest TF2, Starcraft, DotA, Unreal Tournament or Age of Empires but as usual we are open to suggestions, so please bring along any games you want to play.

There will, as always, be pizza and refreshments.

CompSoc President

Games Night 2

Wednesday 23rd May, 19:00
St Catz PDR

Come play some video games at St Catz PDR - TF2, Super Monday Night Combat, DotA, Starcraft, Age of Empires, or any other games you care to suggest.

Pizza and Drinks will be there.

Here are some photos from our last games night: Photos

If you plan on attending you will need to bring a laptop with any games you want to play installed and updated - Catz internet will be too slow to download stuff.

You will also need a LAN cable and probably a power supply for your laptop.

Team Fortess 2 and Super Monday Night Combat are both free to install and play from http://store.steampowered.com/ (you have to install Steam first, though). It is also possible to install TF2 from another computer with it already installed on, we will probably be able to facilitate this but should stress that it is a much better idea to make sure it is installed and up to date beforehand. If there are any other games you'd like to play (and think others will have) bring them along and we might play them too!

Here is a handy map for finding Catz: http://g.co/maps/eeut2 
And here is another one for finding the PDR: http://compsoc.net/images/catzmap.png 
And here's a link to the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/421134521240035/