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In a land of myth, and a time of computers, the destiny of a great society rests… 


Tonight, gold sponsor Semmle is doing their QL Coding Challenge! Come down to the UGSA as usual and come and win prizes for finding bugs! Upcoming is gold sponsor JP Morgan’s tech talk on their trading technology that’s impacting the global markets, with an interactive trading simulation.

Also, find attached the slides from Bloomberg’s Hashing talk. Bloomberg also has a plethora of software engineering opportunities for aspiring interns or people looking for placements, along with on-campus interviews. TPP is also hosting an evening with renowned comedian Alan Davies on Tuesday - so act fast!

Metaswitch are also advertising their Oxford Insight Night event taking place on 1st November.

We still have many spaces for our all-day Bletchley Park trip, kindly sponsored by Gold sponsor Ensoft! Bletchley Park, once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers is now a vibrant heritage attraction. Explore, experience and enjoy the once top-secret world of iconic Codebreaking Huts and Blocks set within an atmospheric Victorian estate. We’re also visiting the National Museum of Computing on that trip. Free for members, and £10 for non-members - so you’ve got a pretty good deal regardless! Places are going fast!!!

Push your interest onto this stack here.

As usual, here’s the link to our Discord. Please let me know who you are when you join so I can verify your membership and grant access to the rest of the server!

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The CompSoc Committee - Joe G, Edward H, Ben S


Geek Night 2: Semmle Coding Challenge - 7:00 pm 20th October, Undergraduate Social Area, Department of Computer Science

Join Semmle on the evening of Saturday 20 October for a hackathon using QL, Semmle’s query language for semantic code analysis. QL treats code as data, allowing security response teams and individual developers to quickly and accurately explore their code through simple, powerful queries that find all variants of zero-days, as well as other severe security problems and coding mistakes.

In this event, Semmle engineers will teach you how to use QL to find correctness bugs and security vulnerabilities in open-source software, using freely-available tools that we provide the open-source community (bring a laptop!). Work together in teams to analyse the chosen software, with prizes awarded for finding the most bugs!

Tech talk with JP Morgan: Trading Technologies - 7:00 pm 24th October, Lecture Theatre A, Department of Computer Science

Take a deeper dive into how technology impacts the global markets. You’ll meet current employees, learn about our programs and discover if a career in Technology is right for you. Register your interest in attending our upcoming trading simulation and informal networking event where you will have the opportunity to:

We’ll be hosting a range of exciting events and programs around the globe throughout the year. We encourage you to look for communications about our upcoming events and programs and to check our careers website regularly for updates.

Register via this link.

CS Essentials Session 2 - 7:00 pm 25th October, Lecture Theatre A, Department of Computer Science

This week’s CS Essentials session is on Vim.

CS Essentials is a brand new course that CompSoc organises for beginners. If you are into either exploring the Linux command line or learning how to create a beautiful document using LaTeX, this is just the course for you!

You do not need any prior experience, just come along and have some fun! All you need is a laptop to get through the exercises. What we will be teaching is:

Please arrive a bit earlier just so we can register everyone before the lectures begin. (This is mandatory for fire regulations.) If you need directions to the department, send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help!

The course is open to all members of the University of Oxford.

P.S. If you have any experience in any of the topics and a little spare time, you can volunteer to help during the events.

Geek Night 3: CodeGolf - 7:00 pm 27th October, Undergraduate Social Area, Department of Computer Science

CodeGolf, like normal golf, is all about getting the lowest score.

This is where the similarities end.

By “score”, we do of course mean bytes (characters)! For example, consider a typical “Hello, World!” PHP (yes the dreaded!) program:

print "Hello, World!";

Ugh, a whole 29 bytes! But we can do better:

Hello, World!

There. A nice 13 bytes! (Yes, this works.)

By now you probably get the gist: in order to reduce code as much as possible, you may take advantage of any of the esoteric properties or features a language may have.

Try GolfScript (uses Ruby) if you’d like an easy introduction to programming with very few bytes.

Tech talk with Palantir: Ethics and Machine Learning - 7:00 pm 31st October, Lecture Theatre A, Department of Computer Science

Machine Learning (ML) is a ubiquitous tool enabling better decision making for Businesses and Governments but carries many hidden costs – technical, societal, ethical and legal. Palantir’s approach to ML is strongly influenced by the early days of the company regarding the merits of augmented intelligence in sensitive data environments and has tended to be cautious, even reserved - with amplifying Human agency as a primary objective. In this event Courtney Bowman (Lead of Palantir’s Privacy and Civil Liberties Team) invites you to join him in a discussion examining the pitfalls of naïve ML approaches, the practical and ethical virtues of augmented intelligence, and principles of good data science that we believe should be infused across machine learning work writ large.

Food and drinks provided.

Join us!

Sponsor Notices

The following notice is from Bloomberg.

2019 Bloomberg Software Engineering Opportunities

Bloomberg’s Software Opportunities for 2019 are now open for application. Click on the links below to find out more about our graduate, internship and placement programmes.

2019 Software Engineer - Graduate Programme.

2019 Software Engineer - Internship Programme.

2019 Software Engineer - Industrial Placement Programme.

On-Campus Interviews:

Bloomberg will also be holding on-campus interviews in the Careers Service on the following dates below. Please apply to our opportunities to allow us time to schedule you in.

Dates of Interview:

The following notice is from TPP.

TPP’s ‘An Evening with Alan Davies’

Renowned comedian, television personality and QI panellist Alan Davies will be performing at the Exam Schools North on 23rd October! Join TPP for an evening of comedy, free drinks and food!

Click here to book.

The following notice is from Metaswitch.

Metaswitch - Oxford Insight Night Event

Thursday 1st November 2018 - 7:30pm-9pm Modern Art Oxford, 30 Pembroke Street, Oxford OX1 1BP


The event will give you a great introduction to careers in Software Engineering, and a taste of graduate and intern life at Metaswitch.

Come and meet a diverse selection of our current employees to hear about their inspirational career stories and any recommendations they have about working in the industry. Free food and drinks and a chance to win some great prizes on the day!

To attend, please sign up via our website.

Please feel free to encourage your friends to sign up to – the more the merrier.

The Oxford University Computer Society (CompSoc) aims to organise meetings and events for our members to use and further their computing interests. See all of our upcoming events on our Facebook Page or visit our Website for more information about the society.

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