Hi CompSoc,

The committee would like to thank everyone for a brilliant term, and we hope you all have a great summer! We’ll be back in Michaelmas with more tech talks and socials. For those moving on from Oxford, thank you all for the amazing contributions you’ve made to CompSoc during your time here; we wish you all the very best for the future! Of course, you can make use of your lifeterm memberships and stop by to catch up any time.

It seems a long way away at the moment, but if anyone is interested in helping out with the CompSoc stand at next year’s Freshers’ Fair then please let the committee know! It’s a great opportunity to let incoming freshers know about everything CompSoc has to offer.

Finally, the minutes for this term’s general meeting are attached. I hope you find reading them to be as thrilling as I found writing them.

Have a great summer!

The CompSoc committee

The Oxford University Computer Society (CompSoc) aims to organise meetings and events for our members to use and further their computing interests. See all of our upcoming events on our Facebook page or visit our website for more information about the society.

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