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Part-time software developer wanted

I'm looking for a student with excellent c# skills to help me write some code on a part-time and/or holiday basis. I'm launching a systematic/quant hedge fund and the role would involve helping me develop software that will form the core of the fund's operation such as position keeping, trading signal generation, broker connectivity via API, building simulation environment, statistical tests etc. The style of development will be OO and fairly agile. No financial experience is necessary but previous experience writing mult-threaded applications would be extremely useful.

I can offer modest payment and great experience for someone wanting to enter banking and finance and gain some insight into how a hedge fund really works. Salary and hours are negotiable and can be on a project-by-project or continuous part-time basis. Given the nature of the role, there's no real geographic constraint however proximity to London would be a bonus (so that we can occasionally meet in person). This also has the potential to lead to a permanent role in the future.

I've been involved in the hedge fund industry as a quant since graduating from Cambridge University (MMath) and was recently involved in a recent successful hedge fund launch. I'm now looking to launch a fund by myself and need some additional programmer resource as my time is coming under increasing pressure. Happy to provide my CV or to discuss further (07891 124 914).

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Please send an email advertising your work opportunity to We’ll then send it through to our members. You may also wish to get in contact with Maureen York ( of the computer science department as she sometimes sends through job opportunity emails.


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Dear Oxford Computing Society,

I have a part-time and/or holiday work opportunity that would suit a computer science student, especially one that is considering a career in finance. How might I advertise this to your society? I'm a Cambridge maths graduate working on a quant/systematic hedge fund launch and am looking for some help writing code...